Upcoming Events

The WCBU is organising the following major events during 2022: WCBU Pro-ams on 27/2 29/5 28/8  27/11; Western Cape Pairs 14 & 15 May; Western Cape Teams  10 & 11 September; and the Western Cape Festival 16-18 December. Note some of these dates are tentative and could change.

Players from around the world play in the WCBU's regular BBO pairs tournaments:

Monday 10h00 BBO Pairs BBO$ 2.50

Monday 19h30 BBO 12 board mini tournament BBO$ 1.00

Tuesday 19h30 BBO 12 board mini tournament BBO$ 1.00

Wednesday 10h00 BBO Pairs BBO$ 2.50

Wednesday 19h30 BBO 12 board mini tournament BBO$ 1.00

Thursday 10h00 BBO Pairs BBO$ 2.50

Thursday 19h30 BBO 12 board mini tournament BBO$ 1.00

Friday 10h00 BBO Novice Pairs for those with BBO ranking of 3 or less BBO$ 1.25

Saturday 13h30 BBO Pairs BBO$ 2.50

To play in any of these tournaments log in to BBO and select Virtual Clubs - South Africa, then click on the appropriate WCBU tournament once your partner is online.

J&M Bridge organise the following online sessions:

  • Personal Trust RealBridge Teams is a month long competition taking place each Thursday evening with prizes for the winners
  • Teams events each weekday afternoon (free of charge)

The Hermanus and Pinelands Bridge Clubs are organising regular pairs and teams events on BBO. Please consult the calendar for details.

On our Clubs page you will find details of online and, as clubs reopen, face to face sessions being organized each week by affiliated clubs.

You can click on the event name for the brochure or click here to enter any or all of the following Red Masterpoint events using the entry form on the SABF website:

  • The annual South African Womens' Bridge Association (SAWBA) competition will take place on 5th and 6th March (pairs), 7th and 8th (interprovincials) and finally from 11th to 15th (teams).
  • SABF Congress takes place in June and July 2022



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