Warwick Wealth Tuesday Log and WCBU Player Index

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Congratulations to to Ellen Bryans and Pauline van der Vyfer for winning the October Warwick Wealth Tuesday pairs competition. The prize for the median score was shared by Lynn Brown and Jimmie Potgieter. Results are here.

Click here to access the final September 2021 Warwick Wealth Tuesday Tournament results. Congratulations to Phil King and Colette Stott on leading the pack week after week. The prize for the median score - the player with the same number of players ahead and behind them on the log - was shared by Robyn di Biaggi, Jocelyn Ashburg and Patricia Bloch. Our thanks to all who took part in this new competition.



Impala Bridge Club Results

The Impala Open will be held on Sunday 21 November.

Congratulations to the Stephens team on winning the 2021 Pirate Teams competition. The full results are here.

The results of the Championship Pairs are available here. Congratulations to Hennie Fick and Duncan Keet for winning the Championship Pairs.

The results of Modlinne Verster Pairs are available here. Congratulations to Andrew Cruise and Paul Reynolds whose superb final round enabled them to pip Glen Homan and Brian Pincus.

Results for 2021 Winter Swiss Teams are attached. Well done to the BJERREGAARD all stars who were well ahead of teams RABIE and BRADLEY in second and third respectively.

Results for the Stephen McGibbon Cross IMP pairs are attached.

Congratulations to Brian Paxton for winning the Impala Handicap Pairs competition. Full results are attached.

Congratulations to Kathryn Herz & Eckhard Böhlke on winning Impala Bridge Club's 2021 Mukheibir Pairs competition. Full results are attached.

Click here for the final chart for our quite taxing January 2021 Board-a-Match Swiss tournament.


Buccaneer Results

Attached are the results for the June Matches and the log positions which are
the final results for the 2020-2021 Season.

From now on, all Buccaneer matters will be posted to the following Google Drive address.



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