Western Cape Bridge Clubs

Before Covid 19 lockdown, the Western Cape boasted more than 30 bridge clubs, some affiliated to the WCBU and some not.

Bridge clubs in the Western Cape, listed below in alphabetical order, meet mainly at the Bridge Centre (BC) in Green Point, Cape Town, or at the bowling section clubhouse of the Western Province Cricket Club (WPCC) in Rondebosch. Those already open are marked with an (*); more details of each of the open clubs are shown further down on this page:

Aces (BC) - Monday at 09h15 contact Greta Levenberg 021 434-3005
Bay (BC) - Thursday at 09h15 contact Zoe Charnock 082 968-6923

Bidding Box lay on Monday evenings at at the Old Oak Bowling Club in Ridgeworth. Contact [email protected]. (*)
Cape Town Wednesday Duplicate Bridge Club (BC) - Wednesdays at 09h30 - contact Shirley Phillips 072 673-4248 (*)

Grand Slam (BC) - Tuesday at 13h30 contact Harold Bernstein 083 360-0984 (*)

Helderberg Bridge Club - Monday mornings - Beverley Hargrove Whatsapp 076 762-2340 (*)

Hermanus DBC - Mondays @ 13.00 / Tuesdays @ 14.00 on BBO (WCBU members welcome - contact Emmie on 083 417 6614) / Wednesdays @ 13.00 / Thursdays @ 13.30 / Fridays @ 13.00 - details on club website (*)

Impala (RealBridge) - Tuesday at 19h15 contact Andrew Cruise <[email protected]> to enter.

J&M Bridge Club runs informal Monday and Tuesday afternoon teams events on BBO. This is a free service. Enter as a pair, or a team, any time from, and including, the Friday prior to the day you wish to play, using the JM Bridge Whatsapp Group. Contact: Monday club: Anthony Goldstein 082 499 7777 Tuesday Club: Rose Duff 083 701 0980 General enquiries: john Bryant 082 565 8908

Keurboom (WPCC) - Monday and Thursday at 09h30, Wednesday at 09h15 Kitty Cruise 082 326 0572 results on club website (*)

Pinelands Bridge Club play on Monday evenings at 19h15 on BBO and on Fridays at 19h00 in the Pinelands library. Conact Barry Gunton [email protected]. (*)

Table View Bridge Club play on alternate Mondays from 12h30 to 16h00 at Norton Square Hall (opposite Bayside shopping centre), Short Street, Table View and on BBO. Contact Elaine Edwards (082 562-6346 or [email protected])(*)

Trumps (BC) - Saturday at 14h00 (*)


Results of Hermanus DBC events can be found on their club website; results for Keurboom on their club website; results for the other clubs are recorded on the Results page of this website.

Hermanus Duplicate Bridge Club

Hermanus DBC operate face-to-face sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13.00, plus Thursdays at 13.30. Mondays and Wednesdays are held at the Botanical Society Hall in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Thursdays are held at Kidbrooke Place, Onrus North and Fridays are held at the De Wet Saal, Onrus.

They operate an online session via BBO on a Tuesday at 14.00 with registration open from 12.00. WCBU members are welcome. (Contact Rita on 082 448 3838).

Further information and results can be found on their website: https://www.bridgewebs.com/hermanus/


J&M Bridge Club

J&M Bridge Club runs informal daily, except Sunday, afternoon teams events on BBO and weekly RealBridge pair tournament on Thursday evenings.

The J&M Online page provides more information on the club including links to enter J&M tournaments.

For more details, please contact Mark Kenyon [email protected] or John Bryant [email protected]


Keurboom Bridge Club

Keurboom is operating face to face bridge on Mondays 09h30), Wednesdays (09h15) and Thursdays (09h30) except on public holidays.

The venue is Western Province Cricket Club, Bowls Clubhouse at Avenue de Mist, Rondebosch

Please phone Kitty Cruise on 0823260572 for more details if required

The results for weekly sessions appear on the website krbridge.co.za

Pinelands Bridge Club

Pinelands Bridge Club run weekly BBO pairs events on Mondays at 19h15. Entry is restricted to members. The club also runs face to face sessions each Friday evening at 19h15 in the Pinelands library.

Pinelands Bridge Club results are shown on the Results Page on this website.

For more details, please contact Jan Chrobok [email protected].

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