RealBridge Tips (provided by J&M Bridge)

C1. Close any other program that maybe using your camera and microphone SKYPE, ZOOM etc.

2.       Refresh your browser on a regular basis to prevent your screen "freezing by pressing cntrl "R"  

3.       Change the default Settings:

a.       select the grey “cog” in the bottom right-hand corner

                            i.      The default card display is a little small – select a larger card by changing “Display Style” to “Simplified Cards4.      

5.       ALERTS: there are several methods to alert. We are using self-alert:

a.       Press the “Alert” tab

b.       Give the explanation below your bid (your partner can’t see it)6.      

7.       If your computer is too slow, freezing or you wish to save data – you can:

a.       Switch off your camera:

                                                               i.      Select the camera (looks like a hot water bottle) to the left of your name in the grey band

b.       Switch off the opponent’s video on your computer:

                                                               i.      Select the “EYE” to the right of your name in the grey band

c.       Mute your microphone:

                                                              i.      Select the microphone to the right of your name in the grey band

d.      Mute the opponents microphones:

                                                              i.      Select the microphone alongside their name

RealBridge Local Rules


·         SELF ALERT: press the “Alert” strip alongside the bidding box and then simultaneously type the explanation below the bid.  

·         UNDOs POLICY: “UNDOs” are permitted during the auction but not during the play of the hand. (Realbridge: does allow you to change your default to Double-click).

·         AUDIO & VIDEO: you are required to have video and audio, and you must use them unless technical issues prevent it

·         REFRESH YOUR BROWSER – press “Ctrl R”. Refresh your browser every 5 – 10 hands

·         EXTRANEOUS NOISES: please turn off all TVs , radios and keep communications on your phone to a minimum.


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RealBridge Player Guide

An explanation of how to play on RealBridge platform goto to the RealBridge Player Guide. Press HERE

Introductory Free Session

RealBridge organisers 2 or 3 free "TASTER" sessions per week. You must book at least 2.5 hours before the selected session starts.

To register press HERE

Hand Records

There are three ways you can access your hand records and travellers:

  1. Once the session has ended use the same login process
  2. If you played in a pairs event you should receive an E-mail with your results and can click on the links
  3. If you played in a pairs event you can log on to Pianola
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